How to Guard Against Indirect Lending Disparate Impact

Credit unions require constant vigilance against disparate lending practices. Specifically, there is a need to ensure that different members are given fair and equal treatment through all lending services. This goal is simple in theory but sometimes challenging in practice; to that end, MeridianLink recently hosted a webinar, providing our credit union and banking clients with digital banking tips and best practices for avoiding disparate impact in indirect lending.
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Improve Your Consumers Experience Using Their Data

on Fri, Feb 21,2020 @ 01:11 PM | By Kristina Quinn | data access external data access
In the age of the Internet, there’s arguably no resource more valuable than user data. By harvesting and exploiting this data, companies can hone in on the individuals most likely to purchase their product; and, they can create laser-target messaging based on user demographics, interests, or purchasing histories.
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3 Ways to Improve Online Deposit Account Applications

The digital consumer experience has grown tremendously in the past five years. Consumers can accomplish many essential tasks from the comfort of their homes, using a mobile device or computer. Additionally, remote career opportunities are becoming more and more prevalent, healthcare organizations are adopting online doctor visits, and just about any cuisine can be delivered to your home with a few clicks. Although not all industries are growing at the same pace, these convenient experiences leave consumers with a much higher expectation for any digital experience. These expectations, of course, include the online deposit account application, especially for the younger tech born and bred generation.
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5 Tips for Indirect Auto Lending Success

on Thu, Jan 23,2020 @ 10:45 AM | By Yelena Kolesnik | indirect lending how does indirect lending work?
Indirect auto lending is not only a convenient way for financial institutions to increase loan volumes, but it’s also a convenient way for members and customers to obtain financing directly from a dealership. However, there are risks associated with indirect lending programs and items that the financial institution must be aware of before jumping in. The financial institution should outline expectations and have consistent communication with participating dealers to ensure the program is being administrated in accordance with the guidelines set in place at the beginning of risk management.
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It’s Showtime for the 2020 MeridianLink User Forum with the First Keynote Speaker Announcement

on Mon, Jan 06,2020 @ 06:00 AM | By Yelena Kolesnik | MeridianLink User Forum
Attention MeridianLink Clients: Lights! Camera! Action! It’s SHOWTIME for the 2020 MeridianLink User Forum, taking place on June 1-4, in Huntington Beach, CA. The line-up for the three-day event includes exceptional programming for users of LoansPQ, XpressAccounts, Application Portal, LendingQB, and other key MeridianLink products and services. You will have the opportunity to ‘tune into’ sessions covering such topics as indirect, consumer, business and digital lending, reporting, collections, and analytics and scoring. And, ‘streaming LIVE’ will be new vendor partner presentations with no remote required.
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3 Tactics to Boost Cross-Sell in 2020

As we head into a new year with it come new goals and numbers that sales professionals are required to meet. The banking and credit union industry is no exception. The numbers are consistently getting more substantial, and for many organizations, a new year can be particularly terrifying as it brings with it a new quota to conquer.
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Loan Origination System Implementation Best Practices

Finding the right loan origination system for your bank or credit union is vital to a successful lending strategy. The implementation of that system is just as important; the setup of your system sets the course for your team and the success or failure of your financial institution’s lending goals.
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5 Credit Unions That Go Beyond an Excellent Member Experience

on Wed, Nov 27,2019 @ 06:00 AM | By Yelena Kolesnik |
One of our favorite parts of providing software solutions to credit unions is giving them the tools to serve the members of their communities and change lives for the better. Not only do credit unions provide an excellent member experience for lending and deposit accounts, but they also make it a priority to serve their communities in multiple charitable ways.
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How to Compete with Digital Lending Leaders [Webinar Summary]

on Fri, Nov 22,2019 @ 05:45 AM | By Yelena Kolesnik | digital application process digital lending
Our most recent webinar featuring Jim Marous, Owner and Publisher of the Digital Banking Report and Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand and MeridianLink Sales Engineer, Jerod Nace, covered best practices to help banks and credit unions compete with digital lending leaders.
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5 Perks of Using Social Media for Financial Institutions

on Thu, Nov 14,2019 @ 06:04 AM | By Yelena Kolesnik | digital application process digital lending
Social media is a very powerful tool for many different reasons. Those who do not understand it can fall in the trap of deeming it as a non-legitimate form of communication and marketing and miss out on a wide array of benefits. According to Oberlo, there are about 3.2 billion social media users, 68% of which are Facebook users (Oberlo).   
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